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"Using the guidance of Spencer Haws and Niche Pursuits, I was able to go from zero experience to $10,000 per month revenue in only one year."
Nick Hasche
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Insider Blueprints
A Growing Library of Blueprints
The Insider Blueprints are video tutorials and PDF downloads on very specific online business strategies.
Instead of wading through an entire course to find the few nuggets of knowledge, these blueprints give you exactly what you need, without all the fluff.

See below for a list of Insider Blueprints in our library...
Private Facebook Group
Access to an Experienced Network
Spencer, Jake, and Jason along with all the other members of Niche Pursuits Insider, will jump in and offer real-time advice for any questions you have for your online business.

Ask away about Niche Sites, SEO, Link Building, Amazon FBA, or anything else.  We are here to help. 

No more searching everywhere and waiting for answers!
"Following the guidance from Niche Pursuits and Spencer helped me create my first online adventure. My first launch earned me $3,000 in the first month!"
Christoffer Riis Jensen
Live Training Workshops
Member Website Reviews
We think the Insider Blueprints are pretty awesome, but if you want more personalized help then our live workshops are for you. 

We spend our time doing a live case study walk-through of a members website or product and how it could be improved (this could be yours!)
Product Discounts
Exclusive Savings on Tools
We've negotiated some pretty awesome discounts on software tools and other products.

As a Niche Pursuits Insider, you will get access to discounts on tools like: Jungle Scout, EasyAzon, Long Tail Pro, Salesbacker, and more.

These discounts alone will save you over $37 per month!  Meaning Niche Pursuits Insider eventually pays for itself just with these exclusive discounts.
"Like many others, your blog was one of the first I found about affiliate marketing and was a huge source of inspiration. 11 months later I'm about to hit my first 5 figure month!"
Colin Ma

Check Out the Insider Blueprints
  • Helping you successfully plan your website with a 6 month timeline. 
  • Map out everything from content production to link building tasks.
  • ​Downloadable 6 month timeline checklist to plan out your actions.
  • How to select the niche that best fits your personality and goals. 
  • Find profitable keywords in your niche as you narrow your market.
  • ​Gauge the market for long term business goals like creating your own product.
  •  7 Part Guide that walks through the types of links you should build and when.
  • ​Link building ideas to help you come up with an original strategy to generate back links.
  • Downloadable search operator worksheet and email templates for link building efforts.
  •  Help Google understand what your page is all about. 
  • ​How to rank for multiple keywords with one blog post.
  • ​Downloadable Pre-publish checklist
  •  How to use free tools to build high impact links
  • ​Find link prospects faster when you scale up with a few paid tools
  • Downloadable list of email outreach templates to get you started
  •  Brainstorming tips to get your creative juices flowing
  • ​How to use customer reviews to determine how to make a superior product
  • 2 simple launch strategies that you can customize based on your budget
  • Explode your keyword list by discovering what your competition ranks for
  • Find hidden gems you've never considered in just a few minutes of work
  • How to filter and sort these lists to focus on the biggest opportunities first
  • Learn how to get a steady stream of long term traffic from Pinterest.
  • Automate your pins to get more traffic in less time.
  • Find group boards you can contribute to in order to get more followers fast on your new account
  •  How to get high authority blogs and media outlets to link back to your site for free.
  • ​What types of responses we've found to be most effective for getting noticed
  • Creative ideas to get published even if you're in an obscure niche
  • Learn how we setup our sites from scratch, as well as a few pro tips
  • Find the right hosting plan for your website, even on a budget
  • See what Plugins we use to make sure our sites are optimized for both speed and revenue
  • Learn how to find great keywords without spending a single penny on software
  • Find low competition keywords no matter what niche you are in
  • Master keyword research before deciding if you need if you need to invest in a paid tool
  • Learn how to update old blog posts to get new traffic
  • Find out how refreshing old content can help you rank for new keywords
  • Lean to improve time on page by improving content length & depth
"Niche Pursuits has introduced me to the world of Amazon affiliate marketing and since then, I have had success both with my personal projects as well as with my businesses generating $80,000+ so far."
Khalid Farhan
Meet the Niche Pursuits Insider Team
Spencer Haws
  • ​Building Long Tail Pro from a start-up to a 7 figure business
  • ​Generated $777,000.00 in Amazon FBA sales in 2016
  • ​Full time internet entrepreneur since 2011
Jake Cain
  • ​Building profitable niche websites since 2008
  • ​Generated $145,000 in Amazon FBA sales in 2016
  • ​Top site received 1.5M visits in 2016 (with $0 spent on paid traffic)
Jason Wilson
  • ​Started Building Profitable Websites in 2013 Following Spencer's Methods
  • ​$68,000 in Gross Profit from selling websites in 2014 + 2015
  • ​Top Site Averages 60K unique visitors per month in 2017
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Frequently Asked Questions
I'm new to online business, can I still join? 
Yes! In fact, if you're just getting started with building websites, launching products, or other online ventures - being able to get ideas and feedback from the Niche Pursuits Insider community will be an invaluable resource for you. I sure wish I would have had a group of experienced online marketers to turn to when I first started! 
Who is this for? 
Niche Pursuits Insider is designed for people who want to create/grow a profitable online venture. Whether you want to fully replace your income, pay down debt, or just have some more freedom in how you spend your time - we're here to help you get there. While we won't give you a magic formula, we will be there to provide you the tools, training and support to help you find your path to success while avoiding common pitfalls. 
Who is this NOT for? 
While we welcome people of all experiences and skill levels, Niche Pursuits Insider isn't a good fit for people who are just looking for a place to pitch their products or services to our members. In fact, we'll politely ask self-promoters to leave the group. Also, if you're looking to "get rich quick" and aren't willing to work at achieving success - being an Insider probably won't help you. 
Can I cancel at any time? 
Yes! While we think there is tremendous value in learning from the blueprints and the private community of like-minded entrepreneurs, if you decide it's not for you there will be no hard feelings. Simply let us know at and we'll cancel your membership immediately, so you won't be billed again. 
"Niche pursuits helped me build my first affiliate website which I sold for $50k. I quit the day job, gathered my own team, and now manage about 10 affiliate sites with my main focus on Amazon FBA and an E-commerce store. Thank you! "
Karlis Kikuts
Monthly Payment
  • Access To Niche Blueprint Library
  •  Live Site Review Workshops
  • Private Facebook Group Access
  • Exclusive Discounts On Our Favorite Tools & Services
  • Monthly Payment - Cancel Anytime
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